Innovation: Value or Headache?

When I have conversations about innovation, there’s rarely any middle ground: People see it as critical to ongoing success … or hype. They usually share some or all of the sentiments below.

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The Coachable Innovator: Part One

I love time. There are a million reasons for that. But the most important one is this: It changes everything. The second-most important one is that it occasionally lets me encounter people even more cynical than I am. Case in point: Innovation. Read more

Deliberate Innovation: Part One

Innovation remains elusive as a consistently defined term and as a clearly defined activity. But elusive doesn’t connote difficult. Rather, it suggests the needs for systemically open minds and systematically linked processes. Read more

If You Want it Done Well, Do it Yourself. If You Want it Done Better …

When I started my career, I was fairly self-reliant. As an individual contributor, I was described as a fast learner, hard-working, and capable. Then I was given my first opportunity to manage a team. Like most first-time managers, I found it exciting, challenging, and sometimes frustrating. Though I had some management training, I mostly managed by instinct. I often thought, “How would I want to be managed in this situation?” Having empathy for your team is helpful, but good managers find ways to align their teams’ objectives with their organizations’ objectives. Read more